New Plant Under Construction

Biodiesel Plant install at new facility nears completion. CWS slurry unit continues to move forward.

Coal Water Slurry Fuel

Here is a video of our earlier setup up of our coal water slurry unit.  We have since upgraded…

Steamray 10KW 150Volt 1800 RPM generator

Steamray test on 150V Generator

W2 Energy Plant Tour

2013 is proving to be a big year for W2 Energy below are some pictures of out plant with work…

Guelph Article Featuring W2 Energy

While we have been working hard getting our new technology into production,  it…

AzRISE Project Hits the News

Yesterday, David Wichner wrote a 

The SteamRay Has Left the Building

The complete SteamRay system began its trip last Wednesday to Arizona to be integrated into AESUS…

What's Coming!

There is a lot happening both inside and out of W2 Energy's shop and research facility including preparations to ship the Plasmatron to Arizona.